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The Australian Pedorthists Registration Board (APRB) is the manager for Certified Pedorthists in Australia.
Each year Certified Pedorthists must maintain professional development requirements as well as work log requirements.

The APRB is a national self regulatory body whose primary purpose is to protect the Australian public who receive services from Australian Certified Pedorthists.

We ensure that certified members are accountable to the highest standards of practice through our certification of members and facilities, the monitoring of continued competency and the enforcement of ethical conduct.

There are three levels of Pedorthists in Australian certification system.

of pedorthic services and products. CRetPed Au-
Individuals that provide advice and ready made footwear for patients.

Modifier and retailer
of pedorthic services and products. Cped Au-
Individuals that provide advice on the provision of medical grade footwear and modify ready made product to match the requirements of the patient.

Custom Maker
of pedorthic services and products. CpedCm Au-
Individuals that provide a full service to the client including advice on the possibilities of Medical Grade and custom made footwear where ready made products are not suitable


Current Listing of Certified Pedorthists

Objectives of the APRB

The APRB are to administer and regulate as one national  body on issues relating to and concerning the following: 

1. The protection of the public receiving foot related services from a Certified Pedorthist.
2. Certification and Re-certification of Certified Pedorthists as per the Criteria For Certified Pedorthists.
3. Accrediting and re-accrediting and removal of accreditation of training facilities and testing of Pedorthists in Australia
4. Monitoring, improving and upholding codes of conduct or ethics and other guidelines and codes within its scope and as approved by the Pedorthic Association of Australia (PAA) Board of Management.
5. Allocation of CPD Points to certified Pedorthists.

Who is the PAA and what do they have to do with pedorthics in Australia?
The following link explains the key differences between the Regulatory body APRB and the professional membership body - Pedorthic Association of Australia (PAA).
Differences between The APRB and the Pedorthic Association of Australia